Investment Update for Culinary Craft Workshop

To our potential investors,

We want to give you an update on how the current crisis is affecting our business plan. Other than pushing back our opening date, we’ve managed to avoid the financial ramifications affecting so many other businesses negatively.

We are still committed to opening Culinary Craft Workshop as soon as possible. We are constantly working on plans and with this additional time we have been able fine-tune many of our ideas. 

CCW will open as circumstances allow, as the contractors are able to begin work, and the permitting and inspection process can begin. We are refining our business model to the ever-changing social landscape and will continue to do so. This time and event have allowed us to expand our vision and has prepared us to become more adaptable moving forward. 

We are keenly aware that another state of emergency is not outside the realm of possibilities. In the event that we are unable to run workshops, we have created several alternate revenue streams to allow us to keep the doors open and the business operating throughout a government mandated shutdown. 

One of the realities which this crisis has highlighted is the need to set aside an emergency fund, which will be available to us in order to ensure that we have proper cash flow to keep the business operating for at least three (3) months with limited revenue. This is an unprecedented situation which no one could have predicted. As a result, we have a plan in place to address this possibility. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that Culinary Craft Workshop is both successful and prepared to remain viable even under the most unlikely of events.


Culinary Craft Workshop is seeking a select group of enterprising people to join us as partner investors. We are seeking individuals and investment groups that share our vision in creating a recreational cooking school in Downtown Catonsville! CCW will be catering to the vastly underserved market of food lovers and those seeking new experiences in the suburban Baltimore Metro area. 

Other sources of revenue will include private groups and corporate team building events, as well as utilizing the workshop as a rental space for business and social gatherings with in house catering as an option. 

For investment opportunities and information, please contact us at (443) 310-1717 or by using the form below.  


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